Regular Office cleaning

Dublin Office Cleaning is one of the busiest office cleaning companies in Dublin. We have built a great reputation for our reliable and efficient office cleaning services. We price mostly medium size contracts from a minimum of 3 hours per week up to a maximum of 50 hours per week. Our rate per hour varies from one area to another. Offices with no parking, no public transport or not easily accessible will be charged a higher rate. Also, the amount of hours required will reduce/increase the rate.

Included in our rate per hour:


-all the cleaning products

-all the machinery required (buffers, hoovers, steamers, etc)


-local supervisor inspections

***we can also provide consumables at additional cost – so please do ask for a quote if required***

What times can we do the cleaning?

Whatever time best suits your business. Whatever your preference morning, afternoon, evening, during or out of office hours we will accommodate you. We work out a plan with all our customers and we always find a way to please them. We have cleaners in all areas of Dublin and we are open from 5 am to 11 pm. Most of the offices we clean are cleaned either before they open or after closing time. Some companies prefer to have a cleaner in during office hours but others do not, it is really whatever is most suitable for you and your staff, we want to ensure minimum disruption to your business.

How do we charge?

We charge per hour and we issue monthly invoices. We usually offer 30 days credit. So if a invoice is sent out on the 31st of the month we require payment by the end of the next month. But we have different agreements to different customers. We accept payments via EFT, credit/debit/laser or cheque. It is up to you how you pay.

Our company uses Evans brand cleaning products and we do our best to stay as green as we can.

About US
Dublin Office Cleaning is one of the busiest office cleaning company in Dublin. We provide a top of the range office cleaning service at affordable prices.